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Prairie Dog Pros, LLC is a locally owned and operated business serving Northern Colorado and all of the surrounding counties. We have over 22 years of experience in the elimination methods used to control Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs. We aim to create long-lasting business relationships within the communities we serve and value our reputation. Delivering exceptional customer service is our number one priority.

“Good stewardship is the terminology we do not take lightly at Prairie Dog Pros, LLC. The services we provide are hazardous and absolutely must be treated with care and professionalism to protect you, our client, as well as the environment.”

Curtis Krell (owner)

There are many different perceptions and personal beliefs about how prairie dogs should be managed. Whether we are working with a large developer or the local rancher, we want to assure you that we will follow all federal, state, and local regulations. We also want to assure you that we understand your concerns and are here to listen to you and develop the correct treatment option that fits your needs. Please keep in mind we do not provide live trapping and relocation services at this time.

What Our Customers Say


Curtis is a pro and overall great guy. He does what he says he will and always stands behind his work.

Marc Dykstra
Marc DykstraLoveland, CO

Prairie Dog Pros is professional in addressing concerns you have about taking care of the problem. They are responsive and easy to work with.

Kevin Lemasters
Kevin LemastersFort Collins, CO

I highly recommend this company if you're having prairie dog issues. Great service!

James Andersen
James AndersenWindsor, CO

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Prairie Dog Pros is a locally owned and operated business serving northern Colorado and surrounding area. We have over 15 years of experience in the elimination methods used to control black tailed prairie dogs.

We’ve worked with:

    • Residential Landowners
    • Commercial Developers 
    • ​Local Businesses
    • ​Realtors
    • ​City Ground/Open Space Departments
    • Parks and Recreation Centers 
    • ​Homeowners Associations
    • ​Farmers & Ranchers​​

Why choose us:

    • ​Family Owned & Operated by a US Army Veteran
    • Over 22 Years of Experience
    • Licensed by the Department of Agriculture
    • ​Homeland Security Background Check
    • Fully Insured
    • ​Motivated to Build Lasting Community Relationship
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