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Baiting Services

Prairie dog baiting services can provide excellent results often achieving better than 95% control of a treated prairie dog colony. Success rates are usually greater when baits are applied during winter and early spring season when natural food sources are scarce. These services are legal within the state of Colorado between October 1st and March 15th. Our team will check the federal bulletin for Endangered Species before baiting services begin, as baiting services are often restricted until November 1st of every year.

These guidelines are in place to protect non-target wildlife and migratory birds from the potential hazards of bait applications. We consider all environmental factors before and during each project.

There are specific label requirements that must be followed during and after applying prairie dog baits that you should know:

  • Livestock can be allowed to graze after 14 days if no bait is present above ground.
  • All bait applications must be applied six inches down active prairie dog burrows.
  • No surface baiting or broadcast baiting is allowed.
  • Bait applications are limited to rangeland and adjacent non-crop areas.
  • Any deceased prairie dogs found during follow up visits may be buried at the treatment location. Prairie Dog Pros will make follow up visits to the treatment area 4-5 days after the initial application and every 2 days thereafter for up to 2-3 weeks.



We factor pricing according to the mobilization required to complete the mandatory follow-up services.  All follow-up services, required by law, will be factored into the initial quote.  Please contact a Praire Dog Pros representative at 970-286-8414 to schedule a hassle-free estimate.

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