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Fumigation Services

Fumigation services

Prairie Dog Pros utilizes aluminum phosphide tablets as our preferred method to control prairie dog problems because of its ability to rapidly control the population. These tablets are applied directly into the prairie dog burrow and react with the ground or atmospheric moisture inside the burrow to activate the tablets, creating phosphine gas. The treated burrow is immediately plugged with a paper wad and soil is then used to thoroughly seal the burrow essentially creating an enclosed chamber. The prairie dog within the treated burrow will be rapidly euthanized by the phosphine gas, which can remain active inside the treated burrow for 7 to 14 days under ideal conditions and soil types. (P) Our team follows all of the laws and regulations listed on the aluminum phosphide label which are required by the EPA as well as all local and state requirements. By law, we will not use fumigants to treat any prairie dog burrow system that is within 100 feet of any structure that can be inhabited by humans or pets. We will also perform a pre-control survey to access the area being treated. These steps must be taken to protect the safety of endangered wildlife species and the public from the potential dangers while using fumigants.


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